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What is creativity?

It's more than painting...

Some define this with a creating action - painting, sculpting, or photography. Others may also add in a craft with language like writing or poetry. However, creativity is so much more than this! Creative is not just “the doing”, it is a way of thinking that comes about because of ‘the doing’.

While everyone may not be the most skilled painter or sculptor, everyone has the capacity for creative thinking!

Creative thinking is about finding sanctuary moments - moments of peace and calm, which then allows the brain to have enough space for enjoyment and creative expression. This leads to unique problem-solving with exceptional outcomes, in all aspects of life. It enhances your problem solving techniques, communication skills and works toward a well-rounded way of thinking. 

“Creativity is a crucial operator of human progress. Nevertheless, not every person who is an artist, inventor or scientist is similarly creative, nor are all creative (innovative) individual artists, inventors or scientists. Some are innovative in business, in communication with other individuals, or just in living.” (Source)

Think Differently

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  • Why you need to think Creatively

    Our brains have been so trained in the day-to-day type thinking, it crowds in on the lost art of creative problem solving. I have met people from many walks of life and too often, they devalue the dreams and passions that make them come alive because they believe it will not pay the bills. They’ve taken the road of expectation rather than the road less travelled. Creative pursuits and creative thinking are pushed to the side in order to “pay the bills”. After years of doing what they’ve perceived as “the right thing to do”, the growing feeling of disconnection and unfulfillment has crowded in and they are left to wonder “what if”. Learning the skill of Creative Thinking gives solutions to pursuing the career path you enjoy, not being stuck in an expected job you chose only to “pay the bills”. It also gives you the confidence to put yourself and your needs first.

  • Breaking The Stereotype

    For far too long, the pursuit of creative thinking has been lumped into the stereotype of a hobby or the “poor starving artist”. Creativity becomes the optional extra rather than a truly viable way to build a career and make a living. It’s important to note here, there are unsuccessful paths in all industries and pursuits, not just the “creative” ones. The skill of creative thinking fuels a successful career in any field. With a combination of great passion and learning strong management skills, unlocking creative thinking means an enjoyable career path which also pays the bills. Having the passion in your chosen industry means you enjoy it. Great management with consistency and clear goal-setting means you’ll be successful in it. This then leads to both an enriched and successful career in both the physical and emotional well-being.

  • Creative Thinking Looks Different on Everyone

    True to the nature of creativity, it is unique to everyone, but the underlying characteristic is that it’s always enjoyable! It’s building the skill of problem solving. This could be through the more traditional ways of painting a picture or writing a short story. Or it could be creating a new playlist on your device, writing a new software program, making a vision board of all the places you want to travel to, cooking a new recipe, or writing a song. The important thing is that you are creating something that is unique to you. The key is to put it at the top of your list and do it regularly.